We Assist You with the Insurance Process

Specializing in insurance claims Property Restoration24™ can help simplify the claims process and get your home or business back to pre-loss condition quickly with minimal disruption.

Property Restoration24™ is experienced with working with insurance process. If you find yourself or business experiencing damages from water,fire or mold, call us and trust that we have your best interest in our plan of action.

Worrying about the claims process should not be stressful or difficult. We want you to help you focus on making decisions that help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Call Property Restoration24™ 919-389-7226.

Professional Certified Staff

Mold Remediation Raleigh NC

Property Restoration24™ both home and office.

Our Technicians are certified in water damage restoration and mold remediation.  If you need emergency water damage service, call us right away.  Our water damage technicians will evaluate your situation immediately to prevent more extensive damage to your personal property.

Water Damage Services

Water Damage in Restaurant Raleigh NC

Water Damage in Restaurant Raleigh NC

Let Property Restoration24™ take care of the hassle!

We are here to assist homeowners and businesses to overcome the devastating affects inflicted by Water, Fire and Mold.

We are experienced in water damage to get the job done from start to finish. There is no need to be passed around from one department to another in order to complete your project causing unnecessary delays.

Call us for professional project management of your water damage.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Water Damage Restoration
Your family is the #1 reason to prevent moisture and mold issues in your home. Studies from the Mayo Clinic and others have shown an undeniable link between mold growth and chronic health problems.

A Harvard University study of ten thousand homes in the United States and Canada found that over half of the homes had water damage and mold. In the study, the presence of mold was associated with a substantially higher level of respiratory problems.

The American Lung Association and the US Consumer Products Safety Commission estimated that one third to one half of all structures within the US have damp conditions which can encourage mold growth. The study goes on to say, “This information is indicative of the problem. Mold doesn’t go away or become healthier over time.”

According to the EPA 90% of our time is spent indoors.

Call 919-389-7226 to schedule a Mold Inspection or Indoor Air Quality Investigation for your home or business. Property Restoration24™ can help determine the source of moisture or mold in your home or business, and provide reasonable solutions.

Emergency Water Damage problem solved!